Triad Road Maintenance Co Inc

Providing quality pavement markings since 1994

Pavement marking eradication - At times it is necessary to remove pavement markings weather for a new traffic design or reconfiguration of the current roadway.   This can be accomplished by utilizing a hand grinder or long line grinder for larger jobs..

​Snowplowable and Permanent Raised pavement markers - For increased safety on roadways, reflective pavement markers are installed to increase the reflectivity while driving at night.  Two types of markers are utilized.  permanent raised which are installed on the surface of the pavement with an adhesive or snowplowable markers which are installed by cutting a groove in the road surface and securing with an epoxy.  We have the equipment and trained personnel to install both types of markers for our customers.

Thermoplastic - Thermoplastic is utilized on roadways with high traffic volumes and has a longer useful life as a pavement a marking.  Thermoplastic can be applied with a long line truck for center and/or edge lines on the roadway or with a hand machine for special markings such as directional arrows, stop bars, crosswalks and other required roadway markings.  Retroreflective glass beads are utilized to increase the visibility and safety of the traveling public at night time.   We also offer Hotspray thermoplastic.   This method provides an excellent tool for maintenance projects over existing lines.   

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​Waterborne Traffic paint - Waterborne traffic paint is widely utilized as pavement marking for roadways with lower traffic volumes.  Normally applied in two coats with retroreflective glass beads to provide a long lasting and safe product. 

Triad Road Maintenance co., Inc. is prepared to offer pavement markings for our state agencies, private companies, cities and towns.  We can perform installation of special markings or long line pavement markings.  Pavement markings are applied in many different ways depending on the need of the specific customer.  We provide services for parking lot striping on a case by case basis.  Below are listed the various types of material utilized and installed by our company.